About Roxana Nizza

DSCN1567optimized400x400Award-winning artist Roxana Nizza’s interest in mosaics began in 1994.  She began creating ceramic tile decorative mosaics and giving them away to friends and family. Eager to learn more about the art form and the diversity of available materials, Roxana enrolled in numerous stained glass classes with the intention of applying those newly learned skills into her mosaics.

Several years later, Roxana’s search for a more formal education in mosaics led her to join the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) in 2005.  Since joining, she has studied under numerous master mosaic artists, and has traveled throughout the country to advance her mosaic education.

In 2007, Roxana and a couple of other mosaic artists, founded the Society of Houston Mosaic Artists (MOSAICO), a local mosaic support and education group whose membership is still growing today and plays a very important role in Roxana’s artistic development.

Roxana’s passion and excitement for the art of mosaic was the driving force behind her decision to open Nizza Mosaic Studio & Gallery in 2011. The studio’s team of talented artists and instructors echo Roxana’s love of mosaic art every day.

Roxana has spent the last six years creating commissioned mosaic art works for private clients, as well as for commercial institutions and public art installations.

Roxana attributes her success as a mosaic artist and business owner to her husband and daughters, who without their support, her dreams could not have come to fruition; and to her team of talented artists who collaborate with her on the numerous past and present projects that Nizza Mosaic Studio & Gallery has undertaken.

Before becoming an artist, Roxana spent 27 years working in the Energy and Software industries.