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Nizza Mosaic Studio & Gallery is the largest and most comprehensive mosaic art supply store in the Southeast. We carry a sizable inventory of tesserae, adhesives, substrates and specialty tools to fit every budget, including Silberschnitt tools.

We offer hundreds of colors of stained glass and have the largest selection of colored and textured mirror in the country. We also carry the full line of Van Gogh glass and colorful indoor tile.

Our supply store also offers an extensive selection of Murano and Mexican smalti. Shopping in the “smalti room” is reminiscent of a candy store, where jars upon jars of brightly colored smalti cover the walls.

For the mixed media artists, a huge selection of costume jewelry, ball chain, rhinestone chain, fused glass elements, millefiori, and glass and metal beads are available.

Students and artists have access to an exhaustive selection of precut stained glass and mirror in a variety of sizes and shapes to facilitate completion of your work of art.

Our knowledgeable staff can assist with your selection of the tools and materials needed for your next project or large commissioned piece.

Keep an eye on our website for monthly specials.